DataScience SG X Go-Jek

In this month’s DataScience SG Meetup, we are proud to have data scientists from Go-Jek that will be sharing with us about Data Science in their company!

Outline of Talk

• Intro to Go-Jek (+ a short video on our social impact)

• Drivers ranking model (Zane Lim)

• Deployment infrastructure (Zane Lim)

• Wide and deep learning for food recommendation (Wang Weimin)

• Supply and demand forecasts using LSTM3 (Wang Weimin)

• Unsupervised learning for fraud detection (Wang Weimin)

Speaker Profile

• Zane is a machine learning practitioner and an AI enthusiast. His job involves end-to-end predictive modelling application, from building data pipelines to machine learning modelling to engineering real-time deployment.
Off-work, Zane has participated in various data science hackathons. He is an avid Kaggler and a mentor in Udacity’s Artificial Intelligence nanodegree programme.

• Weimin Wang has 5 years of experiences in Data Science and Machine Learning and holds a Master’s Degree in Statistics. His current focuses lie in deep learning, with areas of interest such as LSTM for time series forecast, unsupervised fraud detection, recommendation system, image-to-text, sequence-to-sequence and reinforcement learning.

• Weimin is keen to create business impact with AI. He is curious to explore state-of-the-art deep learning models, experienced in implementing applications in TensorFlow, and passionate about writing blogs to share his knowledge.

DataScience SG would like to express our appreciation to NTUC U Future Leaders for venue sponsorship. For more information about U Future Leaders, please visit

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