Experience from Data Science Competitions

For our meetup in February, Quy and Yi Xiang will be sharing about their experience in data science competitions on DrivenData and Kaggle respectively.

Quy competed in the DrivenData Safe Aging Challenge, where competitors were charged with building computer algorithms that could translate the easier-to-collect sensor data into harder-to-collect information about real activities (https://www.drivendata.org/competitions/42/).

Yi Xiang competed in the Kaggle Allstate Claims Severity Challenge, where competitors were challenged to create an algorithm which accurately predicts claims severity (https://www.kaggle.com/c/allstate-claims-severity).


Speaker Profile


• Kaggle Master. Curious, serious. Strong data scientist.

• Highlight skills: team player, data driven, well-organized, advanced user of Java/Spark/Hadoop, Python (sklearn, pandas..), familiar with R, Tensorflow, Caffe for deep learning.

• Main research interests are machine learning, artificial intelligent.

• Specialties: Tune algorithms, data mining, analysis

Yi Xiang

Currently a Junior Data Scientist with Merck - known as MSD outside of USA and Canada. He considers himself 35% Mathematician, 35% Statistician, 20% Computer scientist and 10% business. His passion lies in Applied Mathematics, Algorithm Design, Data Analytics, Statistics, Machine Learning. In his free time now, he spends at least half a day weekly to upgrade himself with new tools, this keeps him updated with technology as it is rapidly changing and we have to constantly challenge our knowledge!

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