Datascience in Goverment

At this first meetup of the year, the GovTech Data Science Division will be sharing how data science is used in the government.

Specifically, 2 projects will be shared.

Analysis of Circle Line Breakdown

Question: How a group of data scientists spotted and recognized the trail of destruction on the Circle Line left by a rogue train?

Presentation will include:

  • Exploratory analysis used
  • How the hypothesis of a single rogue train was formed and tested
  • Challenges faced

Text Analytics in Government

Question: How analysis of feedback emails were used to discover the way service in a government agency can be improved?

Presentation will include:

  • Complications faced with text analytics on emails
  • Text analytics methods used
  • Findings from analysis


  • Yu Xuan is currently investigating privacy algorithms for government data sharing and has previously worked on text analytics on customer feedback emails. He previously worked in the actuarial field. His idea of a holiday is one that involves hiking through the wilderness.

  • Daniel Sim did his Bachelors in Computer Science at the University of Cambridge (2013) and Masters at ETH Zurich (2015). In 2014, he worked on one of the algorithms underlying Beeline as an intern and is currently assisting helping Beeline get past the fledgling state. He is a strong believer in D-R-Y and believes in aggressively automating away any repetitive tasks.

  • Shangqian is building privacy models for government data products. He enjoys elegant code, beautiful writing and hot tea. He read Engineering Science at Oxford University.

  • Clarence is a member of the quantitative strategy team, which supports policy work in agencies. He is currently working on projects related to the social sector. He studied Industrial & Systems Engineering and Economics at NUS.


Circle Line Breakdown
Text Analytics

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